To help people with intellectual disabilities live the life they desire and have their best day in the moment, The Learning Community works with each person and their family to create a plan of services that suits their lifestyle and needs.

The following is a list of services our direct support professionals offer to help people needing assistance accomplish their goals. Click on a service to learn more.

Supported Employment Services

We assist people in personalized job searches by exploring places and opportunities in and around their communities. We then build from a person’s positive experiences to connect that person with work suited to his or her particular gifts and interests.

Each person is matched with a direct support professional who works closely with employers, families, and other team members to find a volunteer work opportunity or community employment.

Our goal is to enable each person to be a valued and contributing citizen in the community in which he or she works.

Unlicensed Residential Habilitation

We provide supports that enable people to live in their home that’s in a community familiar to them.

These supports are provided by a companion who helps them learn, maintain, and improve the skills they need to accomplish this goal of consistency and independence.

The person and companion work together to build meaningful relationships and actively participate in their community.

Home and Community Habilitation Services

Our Home and Community services are designed to help people learn, maintain, and retain skills that empowers them participate in a variety of daily activities.

We offer individualized, customer-driven supports that that emphasize a collaborative approach of working with families and other team members to help people become an active part of community life.

Our services are based on the careful matching of people to particular activities using services with compatible direct support professionals.

Companion Services

Our Companion Services are provided to people capable of living in private homes, but who need limited guidance and assistance for their health and safety.

These services are provided when a habilitative outcome is not appropriate or feasible (i.e. when the person is not learning, enhancing, or maintaining a skill).

The service is designed to assure the health and welfare of the person being supported.

Community Participation

I really like the fact that The Learning Community wanted to know what my interests were, and they took the time and effort to pair me with someone who had the same interests. So when I was supporting that person, it didn’t feel like a job at all.

– David A.

To learn more about any of our services, please email us.

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